Greeley College Apartments

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How does it all work?

We Pay all of the utilities except for phone, cable and internet. This eliminates the headaches and hassles of splitting the bills with your roommates and trying to remember all of the due dates.

We offer off street parking to all tenants saving you from having to buy a $200.00 parking pass at UNC. We have a 24 hour coin operated laundry room and vending machines located around the building. There is 24 hour maintenance and a full time manager in the on-site office. There is also a bus stop that serves most of Greeley one block away.


Coedhause Apartments is located on the corner of 11th Ave and 20th street in Greeley, Colorado. We are strategically placed between both West and Central Campus making it a very easy walk to your classes. Our location is actually closer to the University then some of the dormitories on campus.

Located on the corner of 11th Avenue and 20th Street. "Right across the street from UNC."

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